Windows disk management
Wed, 20 Aug 2014

What is Disk Management?

Disk Management is an extension of the Microsoft Management Console that allows full management of the disk-based Hardware recognized by Windows.

Disk Management can be used to partition drives, format drives, assign drive letters, and much more.

Windows 8 disk management

Right click My Computer

Select Manage

Storage -> Disk Management,

Built-in Disk Management has ability to shrink volume and extend volume then, your hard disk condition will show.

Then you need to right click on the partition which you want to shrink,

and choose "Shrink Volume",

then type how large the space you want to free up.

Click Shrink


How to Create Simple Volume using the unallocated Space

Click Next

Specify the amount of space

Assign a drive Letter

Format the volume and specify Volume Name

Click Finish


When there is some unallocated space next to the partition that you want to extend and right click the partition that you want to extend, choose "Extend Volume", and type the number of that unallocated space.

How to Extend a partition

Select Extend Volume

Click Next

Select the size

and click next

Click Finish

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