Scheduling Windows Server Backup
Mon, 18 Aug 2014

Windows Server Backup consists of a Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-in, command-line tools, and Windows PowerShell cmdlets that provide a complete solution for your day-to-day backup and recovery needs. You can use Windows Server Backup to back up a full server (all volumes), selected volumes, the system state, or specific files or folders—and to create a backup that you can use for bare metal recovery. You can recover volumes, folders, files, certain applications, and the system state. And, in case of disasters like hard disk failures, you can perform a bare metal recovery. (To do this, you will need a backup of the full server or just the volumes that contain operating system files, and the Windows Recovery Environment—this will restore your complete system onto your old system or a new hard disk.)

You can use Windows Server Backup to create and manage backups for the local computer or a remote computer. And, you can schedule backups to run automatically.

Windows Server Backup is intended for use by everyone who needs a basic backup solution—from small business to large enterprises—but is even suited for smaller organizations or individuals who are not IT professionals.

Scheduling Windows Server Backup

Click Start

Search for Windows Server Backup

Click on it

Select Backup Schedule

Click Next on Backup Schedule Wizard

Backup Configuration

Check Full Server (Recommended)

Click Next

Specify Backup Time

Click Next

Specify Destination Disk

Click Next

Click Finish


Click Close


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