How to Setup Automatic Daily Database Backups in SQL Server 2008 R2
Mon, 11 Aug 2014

Select SQL Server Management Studio

Connect to the Server

Click Connect

Start SQL Server Agent

Accept User Control

Click on yes to continue

Expand Management Tree

Right Click on Maintainance Plan

Click Maintenance Plan Wizard

SQL maintenance plan wizard

Click next

Select seperate schedule for each task

Click Next

Check Backup Database Full 

Check Backup Database Transaction Log

Click Next

Select Maintenance Task Order

Define Backup Database Full Task

Select All Databases or the Exact one you want to Backup

Select Backup Location

Disk Or Tape

If you want to backup All Databases 

Check Create a backup file for every database and

Check Create sub-directory for each Database

Click Change at the bottom

Edit schedule

click ok

Repeat the same step for Transaction Log

Click Next

Select report options

Select write report to a text file

Click Next

Click Finish

Complete wizard

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