How to integrate cyberoam with Active Directory
Wed, 22 Nov 2017

Integrate Cyberoam with Active Directory (AD).

Please determine following AD configuration parameters before you begin integration.

- Active Directory Server IP address

- Administrator Username and Password (Active Directory Domain)   xtreme\administrator   

- IP address of Cyberoam Interface connected to Active Directory server

- NetBIOS Domain name

- FQDN Domain name

- Search DN


You can integrate Cyberoam with ADS by following the steps given below. The configuration is to be done from Web Admin Console using Administrator profile.

Step 1: Configure Active Directory

Go to Identity


 Authentication Server

click Add to configure Active Directory parameters 

Click Test Connection to check if Cyberoam is able to connect to the Active Directory. If Cyberoam is able to connect, click OK to save the configuration.

Step 2: Select AD as the Primary Authentication Method

Go to Identity


Firewall and select Active Directory as primary authentication server.

Click Apply to save configuration.

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