How to Create Your Password Protected Folder
Tue, 28 Jul 2015

How to Create Your Password Protected Folder

1. Create a folder that for your password protected folder, this is just a folder and can be located anywhere and named anything.

Rename the Folder

Navigate into your newly created folder and create a new Text Document. This can easily be done from the context menu.

Copy the content below into text file

title Folder Secret 
if EXIST "XTREME Locker" goto UNLOCK 
if NOT EXIST Secret goto MDLOCKER 
echo Are you sure you want to lock the folder(Y/N) 
set/p "cho=>" 
if %cho%==Y goto LOCK 
if %cho%==y goto LOCK 
if %cho%==n goto END 
if %cho%==N goto END 
echo Invalid choice. 
ren Secret "XTREME Locker" 
attrib +h +s "XTREME Locker" 
echo Folder locked 
goto End 
echo Enter password to unlock folder 
set/p "pass=>" 
if NOT %pass%== TESTED@PASSWORD goto FAIL 
attrib -h -s "XTREME Locker" 
ren "XTREME Locker" Secret 
echo Folder Unlocked successfully 
goto End 
echo Invalid password 
goto end 
md Secret 
echo Secret created successfully 
goto End 

Change the TESTED@PASSWORD text to the password you want to set. Now go ahead and save the file as locker.bat.

Once the file is saved as a batch file you can delete the original text file.

Now run your batch file by double clicking on it–the first time you run it, it will create a folder called Secret. This is where you can store all your secret things. When you have finished adding all your stuff to the Secret folder, run locker.bat again.

This time you will be asked if you sure that you want to lock the folder, press the “Y” key and hit enter to lock your folder.

You will see that your Secret folder quickly disappears

If you run the script yet again, you will prompted for a password.

If you enter the same password as you set in the script the Secret folder will reappear if you enter the incorrect password the script will just Terminate.

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